A fanatic painter who was known to complete one painting a day, Vincent van Gogh was extraordinarily religious, lacked interest in academics and had no clear vision of his purpose in life until the age of 24. He dropped out of secondary school with no intent to rejoin and dabbled in various jobs. Becoming increasingly religious, Vincent later decided on studying Theology, but discontinued the same due to lack of discipline. He often wrote letters to his younger brother, Theo, which frequently included little sketches made by him. In 1880, he devotedly began sketching and was convinced that he wanted to become an artist. Always changing homes and relocating, Vincent fell in love with his cousin, Kee Vos, while he was living with his parents in Etten. Kees was a widow and had no feelings for Vincent. After continuous conflicts with his family and a quarrel with his father, Vincent then moved to The Hague.

Vincent got his first paid assignment from an Uncle in The Hague, i.e. 12 drawings of The Hague city views. At the beginning of 1882,Vincent fell in love again. This time it was even more scandalising as he fell in love with a prostitute named Sien Hoornik. However, the relationship did not work out as expected and he called it off.

Theo and Vincent were not only in touch constantly, but Theo also supported Vincent financially against all the odds. Vincent was an artist who painted and sketched real-time scenarios. After moving in with his parents again, Vincent sent his work to Theo for sale in the Paris market. But much to his distress, it did not yield good results. The French art included more usage of colours, while Vincent’s work was dark. “Aardappeleters” (Potato Eaters) is one of his renowned paintings.

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