Nederlands voor kinderen : A Guide by The Dutch Door® to Learn Basic Dutch

AUTHOR: Richa Gujarathi
PUBLISHER: StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
LEVEL:  0 -> A1
PAGES: 250

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About The Book:

Nederlands voor kinderen is a book designed not only for kids, but for anyone who wants to start learning Dutch at a basic level & has no prior knowledge of the language. This book is a compilation of basic conversational topics with grammar. It is best suited for learners who want to focus on conversing quickly at an Al level as per the CEFR. It serves as an aid and guide to get around in the day-to-day matters like introducing oneself, talking about family, food, clothes, house and celebrations. It gives an insight into the country & builds the foundation with all the required A1 grammar topics.

With a focus on pictures, Nederlands voor kinderen intrigues the learner to grasp basic vocabulary, thereby surpassing the monotony of theoretical learning. On an average, a student must invest at least 2-3 months to finish this book, and to build a foundation to move on to the next level.