Feeling left out in The Netherlands? Just a “Hoi” can change everything. Here’s the best way to feel at home. Learning Dutch not only helps in tapping better job opportunities, but also integrating into the Dutch culture and society.

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Dutch Language Courses

Dutch Language Courses are provided as per the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for Languages. Dutch Language Study is further divided into 5 levels. The Elementary levels A1 and A2 focus on basic topics, frequently used expressions, informal email writing and day-to-day matters. By the end of the A2 level, a student can comfortably read and listen to short stories and fairy tales. The Intermediate levels B1 and B2 include more complex grammar structures, formal email writing and subjects and topics that help articulate individual viewpoints. The fluency is near-native and a person can comfortably work with Dutch colleagues. The Advanced level C1 is the same as a native level and a person can virtually understand everything and converse spontaneously without having to skim through a dictionary.

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Online Training for Civic Integration and CNaVT Exams

The technology today has also helped me connect with students abroad. I provide online trainings via Skype or other apps and prepare students for the Civic Integration (Inburgeringsexamen) and CNaVT exams. NT2 (Nederlands als tweede taal) is a government exam for foreigners staying in The Netherlands and who wish to pursue higher university studies. It also helps in applying for better employment opportunities and citizenship or permanent residence.

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In accordance with the ANS (Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst)

The Dutch Language Classes are conducted in accordance with the ANS (Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst), Het Groene Boek and Van Dale supported by De Nederlandse Taalunie.

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“Richa has made Language learning fun. Her patience and dedication has always helped us grasp better. We look forward to further learn from you.”

- Team P.C.P.L

“My 2-month course for the A1 level was filled with plenty of exercises surrounding all aspects of the language. I am confident that I would be able to understand e-mails, websites, and context from speech quite comfortably. This is what I needed to give me an edge while I do my Masters in the Netherlands. Credits go to my tutor Richa who excellently guided me through this journey. Bedankt!”

- Noel Vasanth, Deloitte

“Classes were nicely structured and presented. I would further like to continue A2 level. Thank you so much 🙂 ”

- Shailuranjan Kishor

“Richa has designed this course in such a way that from the very first day you start feeling involved in the learning process & develop eagerness to put more time and effort into it. According to me, this speaks volumes about her superb command on the language. This course helped me to communicate with my Dutch client a lot better as I was able to pick things up faster during our communication. I strongly recommend this course to all those who are interested in learning Dutch!”

- Mayank Kumar, Cognizant

“I have had the pleasure to learn the first Dutch A1 level from Richa. She has a smart technique to teach the language. She is fairly straightforward and friendly. Her teaching style consists of learning in smaller sessions and doing short home works but mainly focussing on the most important bits and pieces of the language to get started with. I was happy to get a head-start with Dutch and looking forward to taking the next level with her. :)”

- Yash TodarUX Researcher/Designer - Philips Design

“I had been searching for a Dutch teacher since long and then I came across Dutch door and since it wasnt it my city I had started the course online, I was a bit skeptical about a language course being taught online but after meeting Richa I am sure I have come to the right place.She has good command over the language and prounciation skills as any other native speaker. Her sessions are quite interactive with a mix of reading ,writing ,listening and speaking.I look forward to learning new levels with her. Bedankt!”

- Snigdha Narayan, Mastek Ltd

“The training was very good and useful. Richa’s knowledge about the language is really good and the group discussions helped a lot. She took good efforts to achieve the maximum. We would definitely recommend this training to anyone who would want to learn Dutch.”

- Team Vodafone

“I had been searching for a good Dutch teacher from a long time, but after meeting Richa my search was over, she was extremely helpful and understanding while teaching Dutch, I understood the concepts and the structure of the language in a detailed manner, I hope to continue all my levels with Richa.”

- Divya Gera, Manager - Thomas Cook

“I would highly recommend Richa for all who are interested to learn Dutch. She has great command over the Dutch language and her pronunciation skills are as great as the native speakers. I can vouch for this, after spending two months in Amsterdam before joining the course. She has all the skills required for a great tutor - knowledge, patience, dedication and passion for the language. Richa has the best teaching method which has helped me to grasp the language at a faster pace in just 2 months. Learning any language requires a lot of effort from learner's end as well hence it is important that the learner also possess all the required skills just like the tutor. I am looking forward to my next level with her. Veel Success Richa!”

- Fiona Dmello, Arunika Fresco

“Richa has been a very friendly yet very professional teacher. The course content was really good and the short duration of lectures helped me grasp the concepts more easily without getting mentally exhausted. I look forward to learning A2 with her.”

- Mrunmayee Godbole, Dentist

“I had joined Richa's academy for the Dutch A1 and A2 level and can definitely say that its exactly what you would look for learning a new language. Richa is an excellent person and teacher. Her courses for Dutch are very well structured and it ensures a good learning path. Richa helps you a lot for correct pronunciations which is quite essential while learning a language. Each class is interactive with focus on all aspects - reading, writing, listening and speaking. The revisions + homework helps you to keep engaged. I would highly recommend Richa's class for anyone who wants to learn Dutch.”

- Indraneel Deshpande, Senior Consultant Technology -TIBCO

“I liked Richa's approach of having short but frequent classes during the week - 1 hour x 3 times/week . It worked better for me as compared to 2 hours session once per week. She was clear about what I would need to study and how much time I would need in order to reach A2 level Dutch proficiency in certain number of months. She was supportive and flexible when needed. The additional practice material she shared was helpful in exercising the language beyond the textbook. Lessons with her have helped me pass the A2 level exam (inburgeringsexamen) and I am continuing on to Level B1.”

- Gurjot Dhillon, Usability Designer - Philips

“Learning a new language was made so easy and fun by Richa. Though it was online but her teaching skills are excellent which would never make you realize it is online. I would highly recommend "The Dutch Door" classes over any other Dutch language classes. My Dutch partner was shocked with my reading and understanding skills from the very first week. Richa is a very professional and super talented teacher loaded with patience to teach. Veel success!”

- Heena Chichkar, IT Engineer - Facebook

“With two months left before moving to the Netherlands to do my masters, I decided to look for a simple Dutch course to help with the basics. Richa's online service was the perfect way to get started on what sounds like a very difficult language. She was easy to coordinate with and very helpful. I would look forward to the classes and the homework as she made sessions fun and interactive. Now that I am in the Netherlands, I can see how useful the lessons have been. I find it much easier to understand the basics when buying groceries or getting around. Thank you, Dutch Door!”

- Shambhavi Bhat, Erasmus University - Rotterdam

“Richa is an amazingly adaptable teacher, willing to do whatever it takes to best match one’s learning style. I was selected to attend a university in Europe, and had a mere three months to learn Dutch at the A2 level - a task that seemed almost insurmountable at the outset. Despite the limited time, and the relatively steep learning curve, Richa’s ‘ground-up’ teaching technique and focus on instruction through practice helped me through to the finish line. Thanks to her course, I’m now able to hold basic conversations with native Dutch speakers in my class, and can grasp the key messaging of the texts I read in the news. If (when I first started the course three months ago) someone had told me that this were possible in such a short span of time, I would have truly been astounded!”

- Nishant Store, INSEAD MBA Student

“Richa’s methodology of teaching Dutch basics is amazing. Within a few lessons, I was able to understand and quickly grasp the semantics of the language. Richa helped me understand various rules with ease. By the end of my A1 course, I was able to show off 🙂 my Dutch skills. It was fun to introduce myself in Dutch, kick off a basic casual conversation with native Dutch speakers. This was possible with the help and motivation of Richa. I surely recommend Richa to anyone who is interested in learning Dutch and looking to enhance their skill set for better future opportunities. Veel Succes!”

- Ricky Thakkar, Accenture

“For learning Dutch, I was trying earlier to go through online tutorials, but it is always better when it is instructor-led. Learning Dutch from Richa has been a pleasant experience. Complete sessions were smooth and fine. With proper time and guidance from her, I was able to walk through. She is nice and friendly and I would recommend her to anybody wanting to learn Dutch.”

- Somendu Maiti, Senior Java Developer - Jibes B.V.

“I found the engaging, informal and individual focus to be a perfect match for my learning experience. Richa is an excellent educator and strives to make the learning process enriching and fun at the same time. Learning Dutch has made life so much more exciting and easy here in Delft.”

- Akshay Patil, Student TU Delft

“Being aware that learning a new language can be intimidating, Richa patiently ensures that the student is comfortable through the complete learning experience. Her classes are interactive and interesting. Besides learning basic Dutch from her, I got insights into the Dutch culture. An excellent course indeed! Thank you, Richa!
It has been a great course and now I'm even more excited to be studying in the Netherlands.”

- Preeti Sandhir, Student TU Delft

“The Dutch classes really helped me when I reached Netherlands. Richa is a great teacher who has been patient with me. She's got really good exercises and practice questions. It was an amazing session!”

- Radhika Joshi, Erasmus University – Rotterdam

“We have recently expanded our reach to The Netherlands and learning Dutch has not only helped us improve our rapport and deal better with our clients, but also bag more orders. Her training was simple, to the point and motivational.”

- Ashutosh D., Marketing Head – Adel International

“Richa has been a very supportive motivating teacher. She has made language learning fun with her set of interactive activities. By now, we can understand basic Dutch sentences and stories and we have loved her training sessions.”

- Students’ batch KU Leuven

“It has been an excellent session with Richa. It has become a lot more easier to interact with people here and understand them.”

- Hemakshi Bhargava, Maastricht University

“Richa has not only made the language learning process easier and interesting, but has also provided an insight into the culture and practicalities. It has helped bridge the gap with my Dutch counterparts.”

- Managing Director, De BoerDamle

“Richa has been a very friendly and amazing trainer. The sessions were interesting, interactive and informative. The course content was very helpful and made easy to understand.”

- Team Travelex

“The sessions were amazing and Richa is an exceptional teacher. I can now understand basic Dutch which has also helped me with the new project. She has made Language Learning easy and simple.”

- Shil Patil, Tech Mahindra

“Richa is a very professional and friendly teacher who makes learning Dutch in a very systematic pattern with a personal touch. I would highly recommend her for studying all the

- Ashutosh Limaye, Flex Inc.

“A good tutor always makes your learning reach new heights. I studied the A1 and A2 levels
with Richa and she was great. Hardworking, dedicated and always willing to help you in
learning. Class material was also good and it can enhance your learning. I was very happy to
study from her.”

- Mohit Arora, Capgemini

“I would highly recommend Richa for the one who is really interested to learn Netherlands language. She has unique skill to relate the chronology of taught language to the one you know (English). She has in-depth knowledge of Dutch language and has excellence in it. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about her work. She puts extra efforts on an individual to learn and grow.”

- Swapnil Adokar, Test Designer - Philips Medical System

“The sessions were really good, interesting and the way you taught was also really helpful. I would recommend you to use the same text book and not to change it because I feel it is really helpful even though it takes some time to study each chapter and new words. Thanks a lot for the sessions, will see you soon for A2 :-)”

- Sreepriya Sreekumar - CERNER India

“Thank you very much for the training of A1-level of Dutch. I can say the course content was very good, everything explained in detail and this will help people planning to take up the language exam. One recommendation is, can there also be a different course content for people who need the coaching just to learn the language (reading and writing).”

- Raghavendra KS - Student

“Richa has organized the teaching content in a easy-to-digest fashion, this creates a comfortable atmosphere to learn a tedious task (picking up new language). The books and reading material prescribed in the course also help the learner to catch up quickly. The periodic revisions and assignments also accelerated the learning Dutch. Nevertheless, learning a new language needs tremendous effort from learner's end, Richa has the best technique to help the honest learner.”

- Raghav Sharma - Vanderlande